Donald Trump Must Be Stopped, Conservatives, Liberals Both Urge

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By Leonardo Blair , Christian Post Reporter

slew of publications from across the ideological spectrum are calling for Republican candidates and leaders to launch a resolute effort to stop Donald Trump.

“THE UNTHINKABLE is starting to look like the inevitable: Absent an extraordinary effort from people who understand the menace he represents, Donald Trump is likely to be the presidential nominee of the Republican Party,” declared the Washington Post in an op-ed on Wednesday evening.

“At this stage, even an extraordinary effort might fall short. But history will not look kindly on GOP leaders who fail to do everything in their power to prevent a bullying demagogue from becoming their standard-bearer,” the publication continued.

Pointing out Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus’ assertion that a Trump victory in November will supersede the “bigotry and ugliness” of the billionaire’s campaign, the post argued that it is now up to the leaders of the party to decide if winning the presidency is enough to overlook Trump’s many sins.

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