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Enough is Enough: A Call to Christian Involvement

by Dr. Rick Scarborough

"There are legions of Christians in America who, for a multitude of reasons have withdrawn from the conflict that rages in our nation. Two opposing worldviews are vying for control of our culture... The two views are in direct conflict with each other as they compete in the arenas of public policy. Many Christians dislike the conflict and therefore avoid the confrontation."
... It is time for a David to stand up to the Goliath of secular humanism of America and cut off the head of the wicked giant. When David saw Goliath taunting the armies of Israel, he said, "Enough is Enough." When will you decide, "Enough is enough?"

Available for $17.50

It All Depends On What "Is" Is

by Dr. Rick Scarborough

In 1998, all eyes were on the President of the United States, under investigation for improprieties in the White House. "Mr. Clinton put forth A Grand Assertion that Deserves a Response when he said, 'It all depends on what the meaning of "is" is'." Dr. Rick Scarborough goes on to define the situation in light of God's word.

Available for $5.50

In Defense of Mixing Church and State

by Dr. Rick Scarborough

"In Defense of Mixing Church and State" is Dr. Rick Scarborough's challenging essay on the role of Christians in modern America. Using examples from the Bible and early and contemporary American life, Dr. Scarborough relates why Christians have stood, are standing, and should continue to stand up for their faith in their communities as "people of God."

Available for $5.50

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