"In houses and schools across the land, it's time for Christians to take a stand," said Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore August 13th, 2003
A message from Rick Scarborough
President and National Co-Chairman, Vision America

On Tuesday, October 21st, Alan Keyes and I conducted a rally in Blairsville, Georgia, at the local football stadium. Blairsville is a small out the way town in NE Georgia.

More than 3,000 people spilled over the home side of the stands and stood on the track around to the visitor stands, which were almost full. They cheered, gave numerous standing ovations, signed commitment cards and committed to fill 12 buses to go to DC in September of 2004 for the National rally.

A recent rally in Lufkin, Texas drew over 2000 participants. The Lufkin attendance, along with rallies in Houston, Texas, Barrow County, Georgia, and this rally at Blairsville have been supported by more than 15,000 people committed to restoring the Ten Commandments to their place in the public square. Every rally we conduct exceeds expectations.

Two committees from North Carolina and Tennessee were present last night and both went back to secure locations in Raleigh and Jackson for rallies. God is blessing this effort.

In Lufkin we added 30 more Patriot Pastors. Last night we met with about 50 Pastors at a dinner before the rally and most of them were filling out cards to join our growing network. As you know, the commitment of Congregational Leaders is essential to sustaining this effort to recognize God in the public arena.

With the assistance of national columnist, Don Feder, Vision America has designed a petition. Affixed to this petition are the signatures of the agency heads who have partnered with us in our efforts to restore the Commandments! These organizations have agreed to adopt the petition and distribute it through their network of contacts and their names will be on all the copies which are distributed nationally. We anticipate the gathering of millions of signatures by the National Rally date in September 2004. There will be a press conference in Washington, DC the week before Thanksgiving to launch the petition drive.

Please remember to keep us in your prayers. There is much work before us. Please continue to share this website with family members, friends and associates.

1 Continue to pray for Chief Justice Roy Moore, for Dr. Rick Scarborough, Ambassador Alan Keyes, for all of their staffs, and for the hundreds of Patriot Pastors that are rising up at this time for this is a spiritual battle.

2 Plan to become a part of the many rallies that are being planned all across our nation. These rallies are to call our congressional leaders to rein-in the tyrannical justices who seek to strip our nation of its religious heritage. Consider providing financial support for these efforts.

3 Continue to send this page to 10 of your friends who will act. Share this page with a friend


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