"In houses and schools across the land, it's time for Christians to take a stand," said Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore August 13th, 2003

Save the Ten Commandments - God's Contract with America

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Text of Petition

We, the undersigned declare our unconditional support for the Ten Commandments and the morality it reflects.

We call on our leaders to join us in the battle to save the Commandments and, in so doing, to save America.

We acknowledge these truths:

  • THAT our nation was founded on the moral order first glimpsed at Sinai. Its spirit animated the earliest settlers to these shores, as well as the Founding Fathers and their successors.

  • THAT without the morality of the Ten Commandments – justice, decency and reverence – America would never have happened. If this spiritual foundation is demolished, our faith, our families and our freedoms will be no more.

  • THAT evidence abounds that America was founded on and grew to greatness with the Judeo-Christian ethic. It may be seen on our currency (“In God We Trust”), in our national anthem (“and this be our motto, in God is our trust”), in the Pledge of Allegiance (“one nation, under God, indivisible”) and in the words of our greatest leaders (“that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom” – Abraham Lincoln).

  • THAT the First Amendment was intended to keep government out of religion, and not to keep God out of government.

  • THAT everywhere expressions of faith are under assault. Ten Commandments monuments are removed. Prayers are banned. In certain states, recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance by school children is forbidden. If we acquiesce to these outrageous attempts to rob us of our Godly heritage, we invite disaster.

  • THAT since 1962, when prayer was removed from our schools and the war on faith began, America has suffered a steady moral decline – legalized abortion, divorce, out-of-wedlock births, fatherless families, pornography and indecency, crime and drug abuse and relentless efforts to legitimize perversion. God has told us He will turn His back on the people who deny Him.

  • THAT the Ten Commandments represent all we once were (a nation of strong families, limited government and Biblical morality) and everything we must recover if America is to be great again.

Therefore, we call upon our elected representatives to:

  • PASS legislation protecting public display of the Ten Commandments as well as other religious symbols and to allow nondenominational prayer in public schools.

  • REMOVE jurisdiction over these matters from the federal courts – which have consistently distorted the Constitution and ignored the intent of the framers.

  • DEMAND fair treatment of conservative nominees for the federal courts.

  • REJECT social experimentation which transgresses God’s law – abortion on demand, sex education, same-sex marriage and the weakening of parental authority – and challenge judicial rulings which facilitate these evils.

Like the Founding Fathers, we pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to this sacred cause: God’s Law For God’s People.


Download the petition and start gathering signatures!

If you would prefer printed copies of the SAVE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS petition, please contact us at P.O Box 168, Houston, Texas 77001 or call (toll free) 866-522-5582 or 936-559-5557.



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