"In houses and schools across the land, it's time for Christians to take a stand," said Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore August 13th, 2003

Newsletter July 2004
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  By Pastor Rick Scarborough

For the past five decades, Americans of faith have endured a relentless assault on all they hold dear. Consequently, our nation is in moral free-fall. This deadly onslaught has been engineered by a relatively few cultural elitists and their willing allies on the bench.

WHEN CHRISTIANS TALK ABOUT JUDICIAL TYRANNY, they often ask: What will it take to rouse the American people and get them to act to take back their country from the judges?

A toxic trend that started in 1962, when the United States Supreme Court drove prayer from the public schools (Godless humanism came in to fill the void), has accelerated at a dizzying – and nauseating – pace.

In the past year alone:

  • The Supreme Court decided that the First Amendment (the same amendment which it says contains a right to kill unborn children) now also guarantees a “right” to homosexual sodomy – contradicting a position it took 17 years earlier.
  • A federal district court judge in Alabama decided then-Chief Justice Roy Moore’s 10 Commandments monument was a threat to the judge-made wall of separation between church and state, and forced its removal, in the process precipitating Judge Moore’s ouster.
  • The U.S. Ninth Circuit Appeals Court decreed that school children may not recite the Pledge of Allegiance with the words “one nation, under God.” (The Supreme Court just overturned this, without ruling on the constitutionality of the Pledge.)
  • A district court judge in San Francisco (where else?) threw out the federal ban on partial-birth abortion, saying the pain and suffering of the unborn child in these barbaric procedures is “irrelevant.” Last year, the same activist judge decided it was Constitutional to force California school children to role-play at being Muslims.
  • And, in a savage body blow to the family and our Judeo-Christian heritage – once again, delivered with a judge’s gavel -- the highest court in Massachusetts forced homosexual marriage on an entire state.

Why even bother to have elections? The will of elected legislatures, the president of the United States and the American people has become entirely irrelevant. We are now a government of the judges, by the judges and for the left-wing interest groups.

The American people are patient, law-abiding and long-suffering. But time is running out. If we don’t act soon, we may not have any country left to save.

Fidelity to the Constitution requires rejection of the unlawful edicts of judicial autocrats.

What Is To Be Done?
We need a plan of action to counter judicial dictatorship. Vision America promotes the following:

  1. Impeachment – Article III, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution provides that,” judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behavior.” Deliberately misinterpreting the Constitution, to the detriment of the nation, is in violation of this clause. Beginning with the worst offenders (to set an example), judges who have arrogated unto themselves legislative functions should be removed from office. Congress must be required to exercise its impeachment powers. (Congress can also abolish and re-constitute lower federal courts.) As the Bible says, “Strike a scoffer and strife will cease.”
  2. Removal of Jurisdiction – Article III, Section 2 gives Congress the power to limit the jurisdiction of the federal courts. As proposed by Judge Moore’s Constitution Restoration Act, federal courts should not be allowed to rule on the First Amendment’s establishment clause, which has become a vehicle for activist judges to attack religious freedom.
  3. Appointment and Confirmation of Constitutionalist Judges – Bill Clinton, a reprobate and a social engineer, appointed more than half of all federal judges in his two terms in office. Through permanent filibusters, a minority of Senators has unconstitutionally blocked many of President Bush’s more important judicial nominees.

The next president must be committed to judicial restraint, and he must have a Senate which will fairly evaluate and speedily confirm his nominees. Beloved, the hour grows late. Unless we have the wisdom to confront and courage to overcome this merciless monster and its blackrobed minions, it will devour representative government, destroy our liberties and demolish the Biblical values on which America was based, and with which it grew to greatness.

Al Qaeda and its terrorist allies are less of a threat to our way of life than those who distort our Constitution to achieve their evil ends.

In the final analysis, we will be one nation under God, or a Godless nation under judges with godlike powers. The outcome will hinge on the willingness of pastors and people of faith to join the fray.

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America rallies for 10 Commandments, against judicial tyranny

Alan Keyes at Dallas rally

It was a muggy morning in early April. But inside the Dallas Convention Center, the crowd was enthusiastic.

ACCORDING TO The Dallas Morning News, 5,000 people packed the Center to hear Vision America President Dr. Rick Scarborough, Ambassador Alan Keyes, former syndicated columnist Don Feder and former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore talk about the decline of democracy, the rise of judicial tyranny and the frontal assault on Judeo-Christian ethics.

To cries of “amen” and “hallelujah,” the audience roared its approval of calls to counter activist judges, reclaim America’s Biblical heritage and take the offensive in the culture war.

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore addresses Dallas rally

Former Chief Justice Moore is a fitting symbol of this struggle. Moore was removed from office for courageously refusing to obey the unconstitutional edict of a federal judge to remove a 10 Commandments monument from the state’s judicial building. He put his conscience, his oath of office and his faith above the idols of the age.

Ambassador Keyes explained how fidelity to the Constitution requires ignoring the orders of an imperial judiciary. Dr. Scarborough issued a stirring call for Christian involvement in the political process.

The rally energized and mobilized Dallas-area Christians. Participants came from as far away as Delaware.

Fast-forward two months.

Billboard for Cookeville, TN. rally

On a humid June night, Christians packed the old gymnasium at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville, a town of 25,000 in East Tennessee. To tumultuous applause, Scarborough and Pastor Laurence White held the crowd of approximately 2,000 (including more than 50 clergymen) spellbound.

Rev. White, senior pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Houston for over 20 years, told the story of Paul Schneider, a Lutheran pastor in Germany during the 1930s, who was sent to the Buchenwald Concentration camp for speaking out against the evil of the Third Reich and eventually murdered by the Nazis for refusing to give the Hitler salute. Schneider didn’t heed the injunction to separate church and state – Pastor White noted -- but stood up for God’s truth in the face of political evil.

These were two of Vision America’s Fight Judicial Tyranny/ Support The 10 Commandments Rallies. From Alabama to Michigan and Texas to Utah, Vision America is mobilizing the pastors and leading the faithful to engage an enemy committed to obliterating Judeo-Christian values.

Vision America’s rallies (which grew out of a show of support for Judge Moore in Montgomery last year) are educational, inspirational and motivational. They are grass-roots organizing at its most essential and most dynamic.

Those looking for a vision of national renewal will find it here. Those seeking a way to counter judicial dictatorship and moral decline will find it here. Those who want to raise a cry that will be heard in the halls of power – from their state capital to Washington, DC – will have their chance here.

Choir at Cookeville, TN rally

The Fight Judicial Tyranny/Support The 10 Commandments Rallies are a God-given opportunity to start a firestorm at the grassroots which will burn away the debris of decades and return this nation to its spiritual birthright.

In the weeks and months ahead, rallies are planned for Colorado Springs; Provo, Utah; Rapid City, South Dakota; Georgia, Houston; Texas; Louisiana; South Carolina and other sites, culminating in a massive demonstration in Washington, D.C., October 22-23 (America for Jesus) in which Vision America will play a major role. (For a complete listing of upcoming rallies, see Page 4.)

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Dr. Rick Scarborough holds degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary and Houston Baptist University. For 14 years, Pastor Scarborough held evangelistic crusades in more than 500 churches. From 1990 to June 2002, Dr. Scarborough was Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Pearland, Texas. He founded Vision America in 1998.

It is time for God’s people to take a stand and join the fi ght to reclaim America for our Christian heritage.

For almost 50 years America’s churches have been largely silent in the political and civic arenas. Many of us bought the lie of separation of church and state. We watched silently as the foundations upon which our nation was built have been demolished before our very eyes.

America is floundering in a tide of liberalism, interest-group agendas, and a world-view that is diametrically opposed to the teachings of the Bible.

Tragically, statistics show that most pastors and lay Christians have left the political battlefields to the enemy. Exit polling indicates that the evangelical Christian vote declined 40% in the past 6 years. Today, only 1 of every 4 professing Christians actually participates in the election process.

This has happened because, in large measure, the Church bought into the myth of separation of church and state. As a result, thousands of local, state and federal offices lack the influence of, and accountability to, God-fearing, Bible believing citizens.

We cannot remain silent any longer. If Christians register to vote -- if Christians actively participate in the electoral process -- we can make the difference and reclaim the United States for Jesus Christ! But, it won’t just happen. Pastors across America must take the lead. Now is the time for the Church to stand up … to speak up … and to purpose together that we will not give up! You and your congregation can and must make the difference.

If you are a church leader who is concerned about the moral state of America and is willing to step forward and be counted … we invite you to join with other like-minded men and women who are committed to restoring Judeo- Christian values to the civic and moral fiber of our nation by mobilizing congregations to become informed and active voters.

We are not asking for a financial commitment. Nor will your name or the name of your church ever appear on any sort of list without your specific permission. However, just as God encouraged Elijah … I Kings 19:18 … pastors committed to this cause need to know that they are not standing alone in the fight to reclaim America.

Our request is simply that you stand with us. We are asking nothing more. However, in a Patriot Pastor relationship, Vision America will provide timely information on critical events, and is available to assist where needed in establishing an effective community impact program designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of each church.

We now have over 3,000 pastors and churches affiliated with Vision America. But we are praying and looking for thousands more. Can you imagine the impact of 25,000 pastors urging their congregations to vote for candidates who share the same fundamental beliefs that we as Christians cherish? Can you imagine the impact of 25,000 pastors united in their demand that judges in this nation be accountable to uphold the laws of our land, rather that rewrite them?

This is the vision behind Vision America. We acknowledge that many of you are already effectively leading your congregations to civic involvement. We thank God for your courageous stand. Nevertheless, our collective impact can be much greater if we stand together. Please stand with us. For more information, visit our website at www.visionamerica.org.

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The Original Patriot Pastor

A prominent figure in the American Revolution, Peter Muhlenberg, is the inspiration for Vision America’s Patriot Pastor Program.

AN EARLY ADVOCATE OF American independence, the Lutheran minister (whose father, Henry, founded the Lutheran Church in America) was so moved by Lexington and Concord that in January, 1776, he preached a fiery sermon on patriotic duty. Muhlenberg ended with the declaration: “In the language of holy writ, there is a time for all things, a time to preach and a time to pray…. And there is also a time to fight, and that time has now come!”

With those words, Muhlenberg threw off his clerical garb and stood before his congregation in the full uniform of a Continental soldier. (This incident was the inspiration for a scene in the 1999 Mel Gibson movie; “The Patriot.”)

That day, more than 300 men in Woodstock, Virginia -- where Muhlenberg’s church was located -- answered his call to arms. He immediately marched them off to the defense of Charlestown, SC.

Known as the Fighting Preacher, Peter Muhlenberg led men into battle over the next five years. He fought at the battle of Brandywine, was with Washington at Valley Forge and led one of the two American assaults that breached the British defenses at Yorktown. By the war’s end, he had risen to the rank of major general, and later served as a United States Senator. Prior to the war, Muhlenberg explained to his brother, Frederick, who criticized the future general for mixing politics and religion: “I am a clergyman, it is true, but I am also a member of society as well as the poorest layman, and my liberty is as dear to me as any man.” Fighting the tyranny of George III was, he said, “my duty, a duty I owe to God and to my country.” His brother later had a change of heart, when the redcoats burned his church. Frederick became the first Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Like Peter Muhlenberg, today’s Patriot Pastors believe they have a duty to God and their country to lead their congregations in the spiritual war to save America.

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Pastor Scarborough at Dallas rally.

Christian Citizenship Awareness Month

“Vision America Urges Christians to Vote”

Pastors, the soul of America is dying because the salt of the Church has been left in the shaker. You and I, as a part of our calling, have a responsibility to “shake things up a little.”

VISION AMERICA IS JOINING other national ministries in urging Pastors across America to designate September, 2004, as Christian Citizenship Awareness Month. Vision America challenges you to do four things:

  1. Preach one sermon on the Christian’s responsibility to be salt and light in society.
  2. Make voter registration cards available to your congregation every Sunday in September.
  3. Educate your parishioners on their Christian duty to vote, not as Republicans or Democrats, but as followers of Christ.
  4. Provide non-partisan voter guides to every registered voter.

For more information regarding Christian Citizenship Awareness Month, visit our website at www.visionamerica.org and link onto “Christian Citizenship.”

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July 5
Rally – Provo/Orem Utah
A Family-Oriented
Independence Day
Extravaganza in Defense
of Religious Liberty
McKay Events Center

July 11
Houston, Texas
Speech by Rick Scarborough
– Grace Community Church

July 12
Cross Timbers Rally –
Abilene, Texas
Elmcrest Baptist Church

October 22-23
On the Mall in Washington, D.C.
America for Jesus
Vision America’s campaign
against Judicial Tyranny
will play a prominent role
in this event


July 13-15

July 18-20
South Carolina

July 25-29

August 2-5
South Dakota

August 8-12

August 15-19
South Carolina

August 29-31
South Dakota

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