"In houses and schools across the land, it's time for Christians to take a stand," said Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore August 13th, 2003


February 27, 2004
For Immediate Release

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Vision America President Rick Scarborough today announced that he has added his name to a distinguished group of Americans in a national advertising campaign thanking President Bush for his support for a federal marriage amendment.

The full-page ads will appear in 26 newspapers – with 19 million readers – on Sunday, February 29th , including: The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and Houston Chronicle.

The ad reads in part: “Dear Mr. President: We thank you for the decision you have announced to support and work for the passage of the Federal Marriage Amendment …. We can think of no more crucial issue for our nation than the preservation of marriage.”

The signers pledge to “do everything in our power to inform and to educate our constituents about the importance and urgency of this issue both for the preservation of the family and the right ordering of our government.”

Signers include Gary Bauer, the Christian Coalition’s Roberta Combs, Franklin Graham, Dr. Jerry Falwell, evangelist D. James Kennedy, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and other leaders of the pro-family, faith community.

“I am honored to be in such company,” Scarborough declared. “These men and women truly are the salt and the light. While working to preserve The Ten Commandments and counter judicial tyranny – both of which are intimately related to the gay marriage debate – Vision America will do its part to back the president’s principled stand.”

Vision America sponsors SAVE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS rallies across the United States. A mega-rally will take place at the Dallas Convention Center on April 3rd, featuring Ambassador Alan Keyes, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and Rick Scarborough. For more information on this and other Vision America activities, visit our website, www.restorethecommandments.com.





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