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February 9, 2006
Volume 2, Number 6

In this Issue

1) Remedying Judicial Activism
2) Dems and GOP Court Values Voters
3) Tom DeLay is Innocent Until Proven Otherwise

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Marriage Protection Act
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The War on Christians
and the
Values Voter
in 2006

Vision America presents an important conference in our nation's capitol with featured speakers including:

Senator Sam Brownback, Senator John Cornyn, Congressman Tom DeLay, Congressman Todd Akin, Congressman Louis Gohmert, Rod Parsley, Ron Luce, Gary Bauer, Alan Keyes, Phyllis Schlafly, Laurence White, and Janet Folger

You will also enjoy challenging panel discussions, prime accommodations, special packages, legislative briefings, and more.

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Remedying Judicial Activism:
The Next Step Starts Next Week

Research confirms the fact that Americans agree by a 2-1 margin that judicial activism has reached a crisis stage.  Moreover, this same research reveals not surprisingly that the American people want Congress to treat this crisis as a crisis.

In order to address the crisis of judicial activism two things must happen: we must ensure and enforce.  First, we must ensure that only constitutional judges are appointed to federal judgeships.  On this point, we hope and pray that there has been substantial progress with the appointments and confirmations of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito to the United States Supreme Court.  However, there is another even more important step.

Second, we must enforce the system of judicial accountability that our Founding Fathers built into our constitutional system of check and balances.  This step is essential because -- as our Founders understood and as the Scriptures reveal -- all people including “good” judges need accountability.  When it comes to enforcing our system of judicial accountability, we are moving in the right direction, but now is the time to take bold and measured action.

The American people agree, by a margin of 2-1, that when activist judges repeatedly ignore voters’ values, those judges should be impeached.  This is strong stuff, but the American people’s instincts are fully consistent with the Constitution and Congressional precedent.

When judges legislate from the bench, they subvert the first and foremost principle in our entire constitution:  the vesting of all legislative power in the elected representatives of the people.  Scholars agree that the abuse of “subverting the constitution” amounts to a “high Crime and Misdemeanor” which is clearly an impeachable offense.

If you want to help enforce the system of judicial accountability, then next week you will have an opportunity to make substantial progress toward that goal.  The subject of judicial accountability is a serious matter.  We take it very serious here at Vision America and I respectfully ask you to do the same.

During this next week, please pray and prepare yourself and your friends to take decisive action toward enforcing the system of judicial accountability.  Next week I’ll tell you the plan, so stay tuned.

Dems and GOP Court Values Voters:
But What are Our Values?

The major storyline of the 2004 elections was:  Bush Re-Elected, GOP gains seats in the Senate and Holds the House.  However, the major storyline explaining these results was the fact that “Values Voters” played the decisive role in these elections.

Values Voters are not dedicated to the GOP.  Rather, they are devoted to God and His values.  They vote for candidates that govern according to those values.

As we move into the 2006 election cycle, pundits on all sides are talking about attempts from both major parties to appeal to these voters.  The Hotlineblog recently commented that:  “What we discovered this week -- pious voters are hardly a new voter set, it's just that now, the Dems have come to realize their value.”  And so, as the candidates try to appeal to the “Values Voter” we should remember who we are and what we value.

Our “values” are not our own.  Rather they are the values of America that existed before time and were articulated in America’s founding document on her birthday in 1776.

In our Declaration of Independence we determine:  to value our national relationship with our Creator God; to value the fact that He gave us our human rights; and to value the truth that we instituted our government not for the purpose of creating rights, but rather for the purpose of recognizing and securing the rights that God created and embedded into all of us.

In short, Values Voters believe in American values as articulated in our Declaration of Independence.  Let’s remember that when the candidates -- Democrats and Republicans -- talk about values and ask for the support of values voters.

These issues before us in the 2006 election will be a major topic of discussion at our upcoming conference, "The War on Christians and the Values Voter in 2006."  Please join us March 27-28 in Washington, DC.  Click here for details and online registration

Tom DeLay Is Innocent Until Proven Otherwise, and if Acquitted as Expected Should Re-Assume His Leadership Post

It is appropriate to congratulate John Boehner on his election as majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives.  It is also appropriate to recognize that Congressman Tom DeLay is innocent until proven otherwise, and if acquitted as expected should re-assume his leadership post.

Leader Boehner was asked last week in an interview with Tim Russert whether he would step aside if former majority Leader Tom DeLay were acquitted.  Boehner was non-committal but said that he and DeLay would talk about it.

Consider the fact that many political observers, Boehner included, believe that Tom DeLay has been and remains the subject of partisan attacks.  If DeLay were acquitted and not reinstated as the majority leader what kind of message would that send to the partisan attackers?

Would it not tell them that they are welcome to engage in more frivolous partisan attacks?  Would it not declare open season on Boehner and on any future leaders?  If DeLay is acquitted as expected, then the proper message to send the partisan attackers is the re-instatement of DeLay.  To do otherwise might encourage greater frivolous partisan attacks against Boehner and others.

In the meantime, let’s pray for the new Majority Leader John Boehner and also pray for Congressman DeLay and his family, and for the truth to be vindicated.



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