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August 10, 2006
Volume 2, Number 26

In this Issue

1) Human Cloning in Missouri; Fetal Farming
2) Evolutionists Restrict Academic Freedom
3) Heroes of the Faith Gala

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Earlier this week I shared some detail about our efforts to confront the lies being told to Missourians regarding a proposed amendment to their state constitution which will make human cloning for the purpose of harvesting stem cells, legal, and will open the coffers of the state treasury to fund such.  It seems with every passing day the war on people of faith intensifies and the forces of secularism keep raising the bar in terms of their demands that America’s public arena become a Gospel free zone.  As I have often preached and as the Bible clearly teaches, Satan is never content to take a little ground….he wants it all.  And he is coming after America and the world in unprecedented fashion.

Two current examples which illustrated my point were reported by the secular media this week.  

Human Cloning in Missouri
Fetal Farming

First and foremost is the battle we are engaging in Missouri.  Our next rally with Dr. Alan Keyes, will take place in Cape Girardeau on Thursday, August 17 at the Notre Dame Regional High School at 7:00 PM.  If you live within driving distance, I encourage you to come and bring your friends.  We are again praying for an overflow crowd in the 2000 seat auditorium where the event will be housed.  We will host a complimentary dinner and briefing for Pastors at 5:00PM in the school cafeteria.  For more details click on to our http://www.missouriansfortruth.org/ website. 

Who would have believed that when Roe v. Wade was mandated upon the nation by the Supreme Court over 30 years ago that today we would be debating fetal farming in Heartland, USA?  Yet, in retrospect, it is easy to see how a culture that decides to allow the annihilation of 40 million defenseless pre-born babies would one day embrace the creation of babies for the purpose of essentially harvesting the body parts at the earliest stage of development and in effect making human life a consumer product. 

I was a young man with little influence when Roe v. Wade was decided.  Now I am 56 years old with some measure of influence and I assure you that I will fight to stop this madness as long as I have breath and opportunity.  What I need is your prayers and your continuing support to fight this battle in Missouri.  And what I really need is for people who are not interested in a tax deduction to give to Vision America Action, our 501c4 which is non-profit, but not tax deductible, so I can speak freely and without restraint on this important issue.

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I have thought long and hard about giving our 501c3 back to the IRS so I wouldn’t have to worry about stepping over some indefinite line of offense.  Free speech means free to preach, yet preachers in America are not free to preach.  I now have people attending my speaking events to monitor my speech.  We are not far from the old Soviet Union in that regard. 

Evolutionists Restrict Academic Freedom

In the latest example of how the left do not want free speech, free thought, nor academic freedom, unless of course, you define the above as the freedom to take God’s name in vain in public discourse, the freedom to expound any radical leftist idea as gospel on a college campus, or the freedom to teach college and high school kids that President Bush and his cronies were responsible for 9-11, consider what just transpired in Kansas.  The left is celebrating the defeat of two State School Board candidates who advocated giving intelligent design equal time with the “theory” of evolution, in Kansas’ public schools. 

The zealots of evolution who understand that without evolution to explain the origins of man, their who secular naturalist systems that denies God, fails, raised and spent millions to spread lies about the two candidates who simply advocated honesty in public education, and deceived Kansas voters.  Of course, this would have never happened had God’s Pastors in Kansas united around truth and called their people to be salt and light, but neither would it have happened had well funded secularist not lied to the people. 

As Chuck Coulson pointed out in his August 7th Breakpoint,

One can hardly blame the citizens of Kansas for not knowing what they were voting for. The press attacked as “anti-science” those who support a more comprehensive teaching of evolution. They were aided and abetted by an outfit called Kansas Citizens for Science, which told blatant lies about the current science standards. For example, it claimed the standards mandated instruction about intelligent design—even though they do not. It accused conservative school board candidates of being “intellectually challenged” and “religiously motivated.” In reality, conservative board members back science standards written by people who hold doctoral degrees in the life sciences.

Unfortunately, the smear tactics worked. And the question I have is who paid for this massive campaign? That’s something we ought to find out.

I agree…we ought to find out.  And I would add:  Christians ought to vote.  Are you registered to vote in November?  If not, please click here to register.

Beloved, I depend on your prayers and your faithful support.  I will be working this whole week in Missouri, attempting to network Pastors and people who still care about this country and believe that our Founder’ vision of “One Nation Under God’ was the best formula for freedom and human success.  We can restore this great land if we will work and not faint.

If you have any of God’s resources which you can share this week, I would be grateful and I believe that God would be pleased. Click here to make a donation.  For a gift of at least $25.00, I will send you a DVD of our rally with Dr. Keyes, which was recorded in Jefferson City last week. 

We are already planning for a capacity crowd at our Heroes of the Faith Gala on August 31st.  I hope that you will join us in Houston for this annual event that will leave you educated, edified, and encouraged to stand up for our shared cause.

Tickets are limited and I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity!

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