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Poll: Perry Still Tops Romney

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s so-so performance at Thursday’s GOP presidential debate may not have hurt his candidacy as much as some predicted. Mr. Perry still leads the Republican primary field with 28% support, according to aCNN/ORC International poll released Monday.Mitt Romney came in second at 21%, showing a marginally tighter race from the last CNN poll, released earlier this month. Back then, Mr. Perry polled at 30% with Mr. Romney at 18%.


Plan to Attend the Preserving Freedom Conference - 11/11/11

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Dr. Dobson Interview with Rick Scarborough

David Barton: 2010 Election Results Analysis

Mandate to Save America

Brenda Roames with the Greenwich Tea Party Patriots of South Jersey:


Fred and Julie McCarty with the NE Tarrant Tea Party:


Dr. Rick Scarborough Speaking at the NE Tarrant Tea Party:



If you'd like to contribute to Tom DeLay’s defense fund, here’s the address:

                       Tom DeLay Defense Fund 
                       800 Commerce St.
                       Houston, TX 77002



"To preserve [the] independence [of the people,] we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude.” -Thomas Jefferson
"The further we get in God, the hotter the fire will be because the infinitesimal dross requires a hotter fire to get it out of the gold."-Charles F. Parham
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