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Americans United to Churches: Stay out of Politics

Pro-family groups say AU is more concerned that millions of evangelical voters will turn out this November

Barry Lynn with Americans United warns that the IRS is going to be paying special attention to non-profits during the election and will “respond swiftly” to violations.

“They need to be very careful about Internal Revenue Service scrutiny of their electoral activities.”

His beef is with voter guides. He claims most of them are biased in favor of Republicans and constitute a great infringement on campaign law. Rick Scarborough with Vision America disagrees. He says 25 million evangelical voters didn’t show up for the last election. Lynn and others want it to stay that way.

“Their tactic is to intimidate. Their tactic is to create fear among clergy. What we need in the pulpit are more courageous men who will stand up and speak out regardless of the intimidation.”

Scarborough says the best way to get the word out is for pastors to address politics from the pulpit and persuade their members to register and vote.

“We’ve got to encourage our preachers to get involved in these issues and bring to bear the biblical teaching on them.”

Lynn was especially critical of Focus on the Family’s eight state campaign to get voter guides into the hands of constituents.


Preacher Takes Stand Against Politics On the Pulpit

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