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Vision America Welcomes Alito Nomination

Statement by President Rick Scarborough

Vision America President Rick Scarborough welcomed the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito to the United States Supreme Court.

“Judge Alito is an outstanding nominee with more judicial experience than 105 of 109 justices appointed to the Supreme Court in its entire history,” Scarborough observed. “He’s served with distinction on the Federal Appeals Court for the past 15 years, where he earned a reputation for sound reasoning and a forceful exposition of constitutional principles.”

Scarborough continued, “While experience is important, it also must be noted that Judge Alito’s opinions reflect his commitment to the doctrine of original intent and demonstrate his refusal to substitute his judgment for that of voters or legislators.”

“The president has fulfilled his campaign pledge to appoint Supreme Court justices in Thomas/Scalia mold,” Scarborough said.

Vision America calls on the Senate to expeditiously confirm this outstanding nominee. “The American people will not tolerate an unconstitutional filibuster to block the Alito nomination,” Scarborough declared. “They will insist on the up-or-down vote to which all judicial nominees but especially Supreme Court nominees are entitled.”

“Filibusters of judicial nominees amount to a minority veto,” Scarborough explained. “The American people elected George Bush twice. They also elected a conservative Senate. Like all of his predecessors, President Bush is entitled to appoint to the bench men and women who share his judicial philosophy.”

On April 7-8 of this year, Vision America held the widely publicized Confronting The Judicial War on Faith Conference in Washington, DC, which helped to expose liberal judges’ assault on Judeo-Christian values.