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Missouri Farm Bureau Board of Directors Votes to Oppose Amendment #2

Support Shown for Adult Stem Cell Research

Based upon the policy adopted at the annual meeting of its
membership, the Missouri Farm Bureau Board of Directors at its
September meeting voted to oppose Constitutional Amendment #2, the so-called
stem cell research and cures initiative.
The policy adopted by the Farm Bureau members at its last
annual meeting reads as follows:  "We are opposed to the cloning of
human beings.  We support adult stem cell research.  We are opposed to the
creation and use of human embryos or blastocysts for research purposes
in which they are destroyed, discarded or knowingly subjected to risk
of injury or death."
Annually, the Missouri Farm Bureau spends almost six months
in a process to determine its policy positions on a variety of issues. 
The process concludes with over 500 voting delegates, representing
every county in the state, participating in Farm Bureau's annual meeting in
Concerning the position taken by the Board of Directors on
Amendment #2, Charlie Kruse, president of Missouri Farm Bureau, stated,
"Stem cell research was discussed extensively by our membership during
our policy development process.  The 2006 policy adopted by our members
clearly comes down on the side of opposing Constitutional Amendment #2.
"As discussed by our Board of Directors, Amendment #2 has
important implications in the creation and protection of human life. 
Our members have great concern with the creation of human embryos that
may then be destroyed in the name of science and research as allowed by
Amendment #2.  Our members are further concerned that the proposal may
allow for human cloning.
"However, Missouri Farm Bureau policy supports adult stem
cell research.  This research has shown promise treating human illnesses
and is allowed by state and federal laws.  Amendment #2 is not needed
to continue adult stem cell research."