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Dissident Texas Republican Nominated for House Speaker

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Jan 6, 2009

“Values voters in Texas will be outraged to hear the news that a small band of Republicans and 64 Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives have conspired to name Representative Joe Straus of San Antonio, the most liberal returning Republican Representative in the House, as Speaker, replacing conservative Tom Craddick,“ said conservative activist, Dr. Rick Scarborough of Nacogdoches, Texas. “This is a deliberate and carefully calculated plan to undermine and halt progress on the issues we care about the most, ESPECIALLY the rights of the unborn child and traditional marriage.”
On Thursday, news began leaking out that 11 liberal Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives were lining up with 64 House Democrats to elect Straus as their candidate for speaker of the House. By Monday the fix was in as Conservatives realized they could not stop growing exodus from Craddick as Republicans began jumping ship fearing they may be left out of key leadership assignments for their unwillingness to support Straus.

“This is nothing short of a coup and we will not take it laying down! We have worked hard for two decades in Texas to elect principled conservatives, but today it is clear we have far too many whose only guiding principle is power!”  said Scarborough. “We recognize the political realities of the moment and we are willing to work with Speaker Straus, IF he is willing to work with us.  Time will tell, but we will be watching,” he added.

Vision America Action, the sister organization of Vision America, will host a special page during the upcoming legislative session, working with other conservative organizations, titled “Texas Speaker Watch,” which will provide regular updates for Texas voters as the new Speaker takes office when the House assembles next week.

Dr. Rick Scarborough is President of Vision America and Vision America Action. He founded Vision America in 1998 to encourage Pastors to lead their congregations to speak out on moral issues and vote their values in elections.  He is the author of several published works including Enough is Enough and Liberalism Kills Kids. He is available for comment or interviews on this and other topics.
Contact Misty Black, Media Coordinator to schedule an interview or for more information at 936-645-0118, or go to www.visionamerica.us.

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