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Give me a break!!! This is unity???

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Jan 16, 2009


Barack Obama has made unity a central theme of his Presidency.  Hence, to the consternation of many in the homosexual community, he selected his good friend, Pastor Rick Warren, to pray at his inauguration.  Everyone knows they have vast differences in their beliefs about same sex marriage, abortion and other issues, yet the move was designed to communicate to the nation and the world that good men can disagree on issues and still be friends. 

Apparently many in the homosexual community disagree.  Like so many on the left, they have their litmus tests, and Rick Warren failed the test, so they vehemently objected.  Obama then looked for a high profile homosexual minister to also pray during the ceremonies, and he selected Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson.

Bishop Gene Robinson is supposed to help unite the country?  Give me a break.  His legacy is one of a man who forsook his wife and children for the arms of another man.  He then attempted to ram his lifestyle choice down the throat of his denomination resulting in splitting the American Episcopal Church.  He became legally joined to his partner in June 2008 in New Hampshire.  On top of all of that, he was treated for alcoholism at an inpatient facility in 2006.

For Christians, THIS invitation was a slap in the face.  Bishop Robinson’s choices are completely against the Bible he supposedly represents.   The sin of homosexuality is rebellion against God’s Holy Word.  It is one of the most tragic of the lies that Satan perpetrates on the human race.  At the beginning of creation, God created man and woman, in His image He created them (see Gen. 1:27).  The institution of marriage between a man and woman began in the Garden and it is a holy covenant.

As Bishop Robinson prays for President-elect Obama, Christians everywhere should be praying for him.  That he would repent and turn away from his sin and rebellion in leading others down the road of blatant sin called homosexuality, all the while claiming to represent a Holy God and His inerrant Word.

Let’s also remember to pray for our new president.  That God will change his heart on the issue of homosexuality.  That he will see it for what it is: a sin and an affront to the God on whom this nation was founded.  That he will have the courage not to be swayed by an outspoken, belligerent minority.  That he will have enough fear of a Holy God that he will stand boldly and courageously for what is right.


Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee confirmed that she reintroduced a federal Hate Crimes Bill, H.R 256, to Congress this past week. We have to stop this from happening!  This legislation is an immediate threat to our First Amendment right to free speech!  We already have hate crime legislation.  This bill is designed to add homosexuals as a protected group to existing legislation.


If we value our First Amendment right to free speech we will not let this pass without a fight.   You can call your representative at 202-225-3121 or 877-851-6437 and leave a message telling them you want free speech preserved and not to vote for the Federal Hate Crimes Law.

Select Here FAX All 535 Senators and House Members STOP the Hate Crimes Bill NOW!

Please join thousands of others by signing our petition.  We will collect the signatures until February 10th.  I will personally hand deliver this petition to Sheila Jackson Lee and will communicate to her allies in Congress that you agree with millions of other Americans that homosexuals should not be considered a special class of citizens entitled to special protections.

Select here to sign our petition against the Hate Crimes Bill.


The staff at Vision America is making big plans for expansion and increased effectiveness in 2009. Over the past few weeks Dr. Scarborough has had numerous meetings with leaders of some of the most effective grass roots candidate recruitment and training organizations in America. Plans are developing for a cooperative venture allowing Vision America to funnel thousands of volunteers into these organizations increasing Vision America’s ability to effect the needed political changes a national renewal effort demands.

There are also plans for expanding the reach and effect of the Report you are now reading. Your comments regarding how we can better serve you are read and welcomed.

Select here to learn to make your suggestions.

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For any gift of $25.00 or more, I will send a free copy of my book, Enough is Enough, which was rewritten last spring and re-released by Frontline Publications, as an expression of my appreciation for your partnership in this battle.

Fighting the good fight, because Jesus is Lord and America is worth it!

I am...Your friend,

Dr. Rick Scarborough; President


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