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  • Rick Scarborough
  • Mar 2, 2010


Like many of you, I watched and listened with growing anger as the President and his accomplices made it clear during the seven-hour Summit on Thursday, that they have every intention of moving forward with their plans to nationalize healthcare, regardless of the will of the American people they were called to serve. It is now crystal clear that this televised meeting was more about providing cover for a pre-determined outcome, than working toward mutually agreed upon solutions.

Republicans deserve to be commended for standing strong on principle and coming to the meeting prepared to discuss intelligent alternatives to the President's unwritten bill, which he describes as being much like the Senate's version. In the end, the President's less-than-veiled message was "My way or the highway." With three medical doctors in the room, Republicans showed the American people that they understand the problem and have reasonable solutions. In the end, it did not matter

Please select here to send a FAX to every member of Congress demanding that they say NO to this trillion-dollar scheme to fund abortions and add the most expensive and expansive intervention of the Federal Government into our lives ever proposed in America history.

Now, more than ever, you and I MUST act immediately. We have made it easy and uncomplicated for you to take a stand. Join thousands of other activists just like you from around the country that are saying to the President, "Stop spending us into bankruptcy!


On February 4-7, I attended the First National Tea Party Convention at the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville, which brought together over 600 leaders of various local Tea Party groups. These are the folks who've wrought an overnight revolution and I was honored to be with them.

The Convention included speeches by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Roy Moore, former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, and a host of other national leaders.

On the first evening, I spoke to the Convention and led a prayer service. The following day, I conducted an hour-long breakout session on "Why Pastors and Churches Must Engage In Politics." Every chair in the room was filled and people stood around the walls in a hall estimated to hold 300.

To say our message was well received is somewhat of an understatement. The press reported that audience cheered as I explained how this nation has fallen as we have drifted further and further from our Judeo-Christian roots.

We made many friends and allies. I believe the seeds we sowed in Nashville will bear fruit in the months ahead, resulting in a growing alliance between Vision America and the Tea Party movement.

On Saturday morning, I had a closed-door meeting with 16 pastors and several laymen. Some traveled hundreds of miles to be with us. We discussed ways in which pastors can become more involved with local Tea Parties, including organizing their own Tea Party. Former syndicated columnist Don Feder talked about effective communications techniques.


As we have for the past year, we are continuing to do our Thursday afternoon leadership, networking conference calls (3pm Central Time).

Last week, we heard from Congressman Steve King (Iowa) on mega-deficits, taxes and looming fiscal calamity. This week's presenter was Congressman Randy Forbes (Virginia), founder and chair of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, which leads its members in national efforts to protect prayer and America's spiritual heritage. Rep. Forbes spoke on the work of his Prayer Caucus and the sham of a health-care "compromise."

Past presenters have included Senators Jim DeMint (S. Carolina) and David Vitter (La.), Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and Congressmen Louie Gohmert (TX),Lamar Smith (TX), and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin.


Vision America is part of a coalition to promote a vision statement called the Mandate to Save America.

The Mandate is a very concise patriotic blueprint for national renewal, and a clarion call to fiscal responsibility, Biblical morality, a free-market economy, limited, constitutional government and national security.

This project came out of our Thursday calls. Gary Bauer, Tom DeLay, Phyllis Schlafly, Mat Staver, Janet Folger-Porter all gave important and valuable leadership in developing the Mandate which has now been signed by many of the leaders of the pro-family movement.

You can read and sign the Mandate online at our new website, www.mandatetosaveamerica.com. We'll keep you posted on this project as it develops.


More than 60 pastors have been involved in an effort to organize a Patriot Pastors' Tea Party, just for Pastors. I have been conducting weekly conference calls for the past three weeks to explore the possibility of having a Patriot Pastors' Tea Party in San Antonio, at the Alamo, on July 7th. We have adopted the acronym Truth Exalts America for our TEA Party.

On the last call, the pastors heard from Wallbuilders' David Barton on the role pastors (the "Black-Robed Regiment") played in generating popular support for the American Revolution.

I promise to keep you informed of our progress on all of the foregoing, and earnestly solicit your prayers and support.

Locally, we have organized the Nacogdoches County Pastors' Roundtable in recent weeks. We made the front page of several local newspapers last week. If you'd like to see the lead story that appeared in the Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel, click here.

As always, we rely on the friends of Vision America and Vision America Action for our support. Please consider making a generous contribution to our work by selecting here.

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