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Rick Scarborough Report - 3/28/08

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Mar 28, 2008

1. Homeschooling Granted Appeal in California
2. Impeachment Efforts in Maryland Continue
3. Judges Behaving Badly
4. Rick Scarborough Ministry Report

Homeschooling Granted Appeal in California

As we reported recently, the California legal system effectively prohibited parents from educating their children at home.

On February 28, 2008, three judges from the Court of Appeal handed down a very controversial decision regarding a case involving a home school family. Their opinion holds that home schooling is not a legal option in California.

On Tuesday, the California Court of Appeal agreed to a request by lawyers from the Alliance Defense Fund to reconsider the decision.

If this move fails and the court comes to the same decision again, the Home School Legal Defense Association believes the best course of action is to petition the California Supreme Court to depublish the opinion. If the opinion is depublished, this ruling cannot be used against other home schooling families in California.

We encourage you to stand with them and sign the petition. Click here to sign the petition.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has stated he will intervene if a court ruling against homeschoolers is not overturned.  Some home schooling parents say they'll leave the state, rather than give up their rights to educate their children.  Please join us in defending this basic parental right.

You can give to support Vision America Action as we stand up against out-of-control judges nationwide by clicking here. If you would like your donation to be tax-deductible, click here to donate to Vision America and support our nationwide educational efforts.

Please also forward this e-mail to everyone you know who is concerned about activist judges in our nation and encourage them to sign up and receive our e-mails and action alerts.

Impeachment Efforts in Maryland Continue

Last year, many of you were outraged by the decision of a Maryland judge to release a child rapist. Many of you sent faxes and e-mails to the elected officials who have the ability to take action against this judge—and we continue to monitor the situation.

Last month, Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough introduced an impeachment resolution to remove Judge Savage from her seat on the bench. We stand with McDonough in his efforts to keep this judge accountable to the people.

To send your faxes and e-mails to every member of the Maryland legislature, and other key decision makers, click here. Faxing is available for a small donation, and e-mails are always sent at no cost to you.

Judges Behaving Badly

In other judicial news, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the right of the City of Everett to display the Ten Commandments.

While this may seem to be good news, it is not. The lemon test—which is used to judge religious displays in public--is a travesty of judicial legislating. Yes, the judges left the Ten Commandment monument in place but the reasoning behind their decision is an ongoing example of the misinterpretation of the First Amendment. This is the same test that apparently Judge Moore failed—resulting in him being driven from office for acknowledging God. Yes, the monument remains, but even a blind mouse finds cheese on occasion.

Our nation was founded upon religious freedom and the only constitutional prohibition on religion is the establishment of an official religion by Congress found in the First Amendment.

The First Amendment is a simple read. Congress—the legislative body of the federal government—shall make no law—a bill passed by both houses and signed by the president—respecting an establishment of religion—the duties we owe our creator and the manner of discharging them—or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

We hold out hope that we will have a Supreme Court in the future that returns to the clear and plain language of the U.S. Constitution and protects the right of all citizens to acknowledge God in all aspects of public life.

For more information on the judicial issue and why it is a fight worth fighting, you can order one of our resources by clicking here. We currently carry four judicial related books.

Thank you for taking action and standing for our freedoms and our values.

Rick Scarborough Ministry Report

When Alan Keyes decided to make a bid for the Republican presidential nomination in January, the decision effectively derailed our efforts to conduct weekly One Day Crusades to Save America--as our non-partisan efforts immediately took on a different appearance.  As a result we released several pending dates and began seeking the Lord about continuing the effort.  We did conduct a limited number of Crusades which we have reported on in this column.

Now we are again booking Crusades without Dr. Keyes.  Upcoming events include major efforts in Dallas and Lubbock, Texas, and Jefferson City, Missouri.   Please keep these One Day Crusades in your prayers and if you have an interest in booking an event in your area, please contact our office by and someone will contact you with details.

Vision America received word this week that we were the recipients of a significant grant for voter registration and mobilization efforts for this fall.  We began hiring additional staff and gearing up for one of our most aggressive outreach efforts to date. 

Please keep us in your prayers and include us in your regular giving, but only after you have supported your local church first.  We need your help now more than ever.  God is opening doors faster than we can walk through them and we are constantly seeking His provisions.

During the next thirty days I will be speaking in Florida, Kentucky, Washington DC, Virginia and New Mexico.  Watch our Web site for more details and more specifics about events.  If we are near where you live, please come and introduce yourself to me.  I love meeting people who are praying for us and supporting us.  I love you all and thank God for you.


Pastor Rick Scarborough

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